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What is a Microbeam?
A microbeam is a known amount of radiation delivered to a sample in a controlled, micrometer sized spatial resolution.
Electrostatic Microbeam
Electrostatically focused charged particle microbeam.  This is the primary microbeam facility at RARAF.
Permanent Magnet Microbeam
Permanent-magnet focused, charged-particle microbeam.  This is our secondary microbeam at RARAF.
X-ray Microbeam
The x-ray microbeam uses proton induced x-ray emission (PIXE) to generate 4.5 keV  x-rays focused to a 5 micron spot.
Neutron Microbeam
The neutron microbeam can irradiate single cells with low energy neutrons in a 15-20 micrometer spot.
UV Microspot
Leveraging off our multi-photon microscope, we have a UV Microspot irradiator that can deliver UV irradiation to a small volume in a sample.

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