Brian Ponnaiya
Associate Research Scientist


Contact Information

Brian Ponnaiya, Ph.D.
Center for Radiological Research
Nevis Laboratory, Columbia University
136 S. Broadway
Irvington, NY 10533

Tel: (914) 591-9244
Fax: (914) 591-9405


Select Publications Online  

Ponnaiya B, Jenkins-Baker G, Randers-Pherson G and Geard CR. Quantifying a bystander response following microbeam irradiation using single-cell RT-PCR analyses. Exp Hematol 35:64-8, 2007. [abstract]

Williams ES, Stap J, Essers J, Ponnaiya B, Luijsterburg MS, Krawczyk PM, Ullrich RL, Aten JA and Bailey SM. DNA double-strand breaks are not sufficient to initiate recruitment of TRF2. Nat Genet. 39(6):696-8, 2007.

Balajee AS, Ponnaiya B, Baskar R and Geard CR. Induction of replication protein A in bystander cells. Radiat Res 162:677-86, 2004. [abstract]

Ponnaiya B, Jenkins-Baker G, Bigelow A, Marino S and Geard CR. Detection of chromosomal instability in alpha-irradiated and bystander human fibroblasts. Mutat Res 568:41-8, 2004. [abstract]

Ponnaiya B, Jenkins-Baker G, Brenner DJ, Hall EJ, Randers-Pehrson G and Geard CR. Biological responses in known bystander cells relative to known microbeam-irradiated cells. Radiat Res 162:426-32, 2004. [abstract]

Geard CR and Ponnaiya B. Chromosomal changes and cell cycle checkpoints in Mammalian cells. Methods Mol Biol 241:315-28, 2004.

Geard CR, Jenkins-Baker G, Marino SA and Ponnaiya B. Novel approaches with track segment alpha particles and cell co-cultures in studies of bystander effects. Radiat Prot Dosimetry 99:233-6, 2002.[abstract]

Morgan WF, Hartmann A, Limoli CL, Nagar S and Ponnaiya B. Bystander effects in radiation-induced genomic instability. Mutat Res 504:91-100, 2002. [abstract]

Limoli CL, Ponnaiya B, Corcoran JJ, Giedzinski E, Kaplan MI, Hartmann A and Morgan WF. Genomic instability induced by high and low LET ionizing radiation. Adv Space Res 25:2107-17, 2000. [abstract]

Limoli CL, Ponnaiya B, Corcoran JJ, Giedzinski E and Morgan WF. Chromosomal instability induced by heavy ion irradiation. Int J Radiat Biol 76:1599-606, 2000. [abstract]

Ponnaiya B, Limoli CL, Corcoran J, Kaplan MI, Hartmann A and Morgan WF. The evolution of chromosomal instability in Chinese hamster cells: a changing picture? Int J Radiat Biol 74:765-70, 1998. [abstract]

Ullrich RL and Ponnaiya B. Radiation-induced instability and its relation to radiation carcinogenesis. Int J Radiat Biol 74:747-54, 1998. [abstract]

Morgan WF, Corcoran J, Hartmann A, Kaplan MI, Limoli CL and Ponnaiya B. DNA double-strand breaks, chromosomal rearrangements, and genomic instability. Mutat Res 404:125-8, 1998. [abstract]

Ponnaiya B, Cornforth MN and Ullrich RL. Induction of chromosomal instability in human mammary cells by neutrons and gamma rays. Radiat Res 147:288-94, 1997. [abstract]

Ponnaiya B, Cornforth MN and Ullrich RL. Radiation-induced chromosomal instability in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice: the difference is as clear as black and white. Radiat Res 147:121-5, 1997. [abstract]


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