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Selected Students


Daniel Adjei
Department of Physics
King’s College London

Alisa Kobayashi
Research, Development and Support Center National Institute of Radiological Sciences

Colangelo Nicolas
CALM Mentor, Researcher at Rutgers University

Wu Rukun


Elgqvist Jorgen
Researcher, at Lund University (Medical Radiation
Physics/Lund Bioimaging Center), Sweden

Di Paolo Maurizio
Fellowship research at University of L’Aquila

Hakim Belmouaddine
Ph.D. student in Radiation Sciences and Biomedical Imaging, Department
of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,
University of Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada

Pia Fredericia
Radiation Biologist
Center for Nuclear Technologies, DTU Risø
Roskilde, Denmark

Velauthapillai Nivethan
Research Asistant at Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto

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fax: (914) 591-9405
Radiological Research Accelerator Facility Nevis Laboratories
P.O. Box 21, 136 S. Broadway, Irvington, N.Y. 10533